Ansuz Acoustics presents the first of a series of exciting high-end accessory products for HIFI equipment.



A magic lift to your sound gear ...


Ansuz-Sparkz   Sparkz-180x378

Ansuz Acoustics launches just now the first high-end accessory products for HIFI equipment. We focus on the details of what we do, the products must not only be beautifully designed and present themselves well, efficacy and quality will always be the foundation of the products we offer.

The more powerful equipment, the harder mechanical parts in a HIFI unit work, and mechanical motion will always result in noise and vibration. With a new and innovative construction principle ensures DARKZ Decouplers to lead noise and vibration effectively away from the speakers and other HIFI devices - the effect of DARKZ can be both heard and felt. DARKZ Decouplers comes in 3 different versions, Aluminium, Ceramics and diamond - each with strong individual qualities.

HIFI enthusiasts know the term, "Black is the foundation ..." - get is about creating the right environment for wonderful HIFI sound experience. SPARKZ Sound Enhancer are based on a simple technology, but will contribute with something quite special to your HIFI environment.

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